Why a remote IT Legal Advisor?

IT service providers such as Software as a Service (SaaS) providers often do not have a full-time legal counsel because there is not enough legal work or there is not (yet) a budget for it. For international SaaS providers who are located in the Netherlands, the legal work may have to be done from the headquarters abroad.  For this reason, the legal contract negotiations with new customers can take longer than expected.


There is often a regular need for legal support for IT companies from an IT Legal Advisor who can deliver quickly. ITS LEGAL can meet this need. Negotiations about IT contracts or to advice on continuity in the cloud, ITS LEGAL has the expertise.


By choosing the services of a remote IT Legal Advisor, you as an IT service provider, are ensured that there is always an legal expert on your side that can help you with legal challenges.

How can we help your IT-company?

Contracts: we draft the necessary IT contracts for you and make sure that they are custom made for the applicable case.

Negotiations: this can include reviewing the purchasing conditions from both large organizations and the (local) government. Based on these reviews we can take up the legal negotiations.

Compliance: we support your company to make sure you comply with the relevant laws and regulations such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Legal partner: we enter into a lasting cooperation with you, so there is no need to hire a legal counsel. ITS LEGAL is ready to take up the legal work for you.

"Easy to approach, clear in wording and no unexpected bill afterwards. As far as we are concerned, ITS LEGAL deserves an absolute recommendation".
Daan Boekhoorn - Director Converseon

Years of experience in the field of IT law

ITS LEGAL specializes in identifying legal risks for IT companies and assists these clients by providing practical legal advice, drafting the necessary legal documents and give support with legal negotiations. We have experience, among other things, with taking up the legal negotiations with multinationals and the assessment of legal conditions for (public) tenders (examples are the purchasing conditions of the government: GIBIT, AIVG, ARVODI, ARBIT). ITS LEGAL has knowledge of privacy, IT contracts, software, technology and the cloud.

Benefits of a remote IT Legal Advisor

Competitive rates: we offer our services in the form of fixed prices, pre-paid hours or a subscription. Our maximum hour rate is €100 excl. VAT. 

Practical: we give legal advice that benefits your company, that you can understand and can be implement directly in your business.

Flexible: we will work together on a flexible basis. ITS LEGAL can start immediately with the legal work that has to been done.

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